Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cheers To the New Begining

It is now the start of a new year. The dawn of a new era.
After all if the Mayan prophets are correct the world will end December, 21st 2012 and I have much to say before then. Not to say the previous years were bad or uneventful by any means.
Just showing my awareness to a better and brighter future filled with friends, family, good food & great wine.
A new year embracing better vintages and less fast food.
After all we are allowing divine blessings into our life on a regular basis, this blog should be one of them.

My objective? To open the eyes of just 1 individual, perhaps more. The hospitality industry is not what it was when I was younger that's for sure! Its time to get excited about what we are putting in our mouths these days. Different recipes, new and old world wines, the Best & worst places to eat...
Convenience is really hurting our population. It is bad enough that everyone is trying to neglect exercise, the least we can do is watch our intake of the lovely food groups.

Where do we begin? Start asking questions to get the right answers! I'm a regular curious George!
I'm going to touch on a few topics between food and wine, Give some great recipes and drink ideas and last but not least let you know the "HOT" and "NOT" places to eat around this area!
So if you have an allergy or tolerance your compromise for great taste is over:)
Were going to stay creative yet efficient.

Test Everything. Hold on to the good. - (1 Thess. 5:21)

Until Next Time:)

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