Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reds, Whites & Drunk All Over!

Have you ever had a good wine buzz? I'm not talking about being completely inebriated to the point past intoxication, although many of us have walked down that road I'm sure, some more than others. I'm talking about having a couple glasses of the vino and getting that happy medium between sober reality and the too tipsy to function. It starts with the giggles or a little speech slurring. You could become a little red in the face or find your self going to the washroom a little more than usual. Every one's symptoms are different but it all means the same thing... that wine is too good to put down!

Now as much as I love encouraging folks to try a few different wines or just 1 memorable bottle I would like to take a minute to turn to the serious matter of intoxication and the appropriate measures to take.The new intoxication law has been put in place so now to be deemed "drunk" your Blood Alcohol Concentration is .5 instead of the old .8. About 17,000 impaired driving incidents were reported by police in Ontario in 2005 with that number increasing every year! Roughly 174 people were killed and 3,852 people were injured in motor vehicle collisions involving a drinking driver. 16.7% of drinking drivers in Ontario had a BAC of less than .08 and the majority of those were more likely to flee from the scene of a crime because of intoxication.
Please, please, please do not drink and drive! There are many means of alternate transportation accessible to those who have had one too many. Catching a cab is now easier than ever thanks to technology! You can order a cab online or with a mobile application. Buses are free to students in most post secondary education communities and are cheap for a monthly pass or even to ride for the evening. There is always the good old street car in some larger cites or the never failing call a friend.
My point being you will not get away with drinking and driving. Eventually the police will catch you either in a ride program or on the roads. I just hope it happens before someone gets seriously hurt, no one wants to learn the hard way from a tragic mistake that impacts many lives including your own.
Please arrive alive and stay responsible!

On a lighter note enjoying an alcoholic beverage with friends or family is encouraged as long as your taking the right precautions. A wine always tastes better with the right company compared to drinking alone or in the wrong company.
Remember that moderation is key with food and wine! It is the balance that keeps us healthy and happy.

Wine pick of the season:Speaking of happy, I keep going back to a 2005 VQA Cabernet Sauvignon by Lakeview Cellars. Please keep in mind that I am biased and I prefer a light red to an easy drinking white any day of the year.
I prefer Merlot's and much earthier reserves, but this wine was so exquisite and jumps with life on your palate that I just can't say no. It is available through the 20 Bees winery at Niagara-on-the-lake for 25 dollars. This bold, fruit forward, reasonably priced red is perfect for the cold snowy season we've all been enjoying this winter. Not so easy drinking to most, however my  refined palate can appreciate older and more full bodied wines compared to wines I enjoyed a year ago. Anyone who lives within driving distance should try a bottle before it is out of stock! it is not available at the lcbo but 20 Bees is open Monday through Sunday 11A.M - 6P.M.

Eatery of the season:My choice of eatery for the season would have to be The Office. It is located down town St.Catharine's, Ontario. Menu selections from wanton nachos to soups, salads, pastas and sandwiches range from $5.00 to $30.00. Great food in a very modern setting, this smaller style, affordable restaurant offers more than meets the eye and is the greatest local hot spot I have found so far. Time after time I enter and leave satisfied and completely content from food to service. Not to mention the Monday - Wednesday FREE corkage! Which means you can take a bottle of your favourite wine and enjoy it with appetizers or a full on meal.

~The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.~

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