Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Apologies, My Recipes!

My Apologies... My Recipes

My deepest apologies to all my followers. This blog and the last have been a little delayed to the fact that I am currently moving my residence from the beautiful Niagara region 2 hours north to Barrie area. I will try to make up a few blogs so on Thursdays I just have to post them but buying my very first home requires a lot more work then I intended and therefore has kept me very busy.  With that being said I will continue to write about things I know and am learning.
I’m going to share a bunch of drink recipes with you that I enjoy in loving honor of Jessica. One of my Best friends and Birthday Girl! A Drink lover like me, who I’m sure will enjoy quite a few cocktails over this awesome celebration time.

Before I share my recipe list I just want to allow you to understand the terminology of making a drink.
Drinks are put together by different methods. Build, Stir, Shake, Combine and Layer are the most common methods of preparing the most delicious cocktails. Build is adding the ingredients as they are listed, Stir is to add the ingredients as they are listed and then stir them with a bartending spoon, Shake refers to the use of a shaker which allows you to add your ingredients together and then blend them very well, Combine can mean to build while adding ingredients simultaneously or combine separate and then to the drink. Last but not least Layer is to add one ingredient at a time but because of their viscosity level they will appear as if they are sitting on top of one other.

 Drink Name: Apple Pie
 Glass type: Cocktail
 Method:  Shake
 Garnish:  Slice of Apple, sprinkle of cinnamon
  Recipe:   1 ½ oz. White Rum, 1 ½ oz.  Sweet Vermouth,  ¼ oz. Apricot Brandy, 2 Tsps. Grenadine, splash of lemon juice, Garnish.

Drink Name:  Boiler Maker (Granddaddy of shooters)
Glass type:   Shot glass and A Tall highball or pint.
Method:       Drop & Shoot
Garnish:       N/A (No time)
 Recipe:       Drop shot glass of whisky into a glass of beer. Be prepared to drink quickly.

Drink Name: Coffee Royal
Glass type:  Cup/ Mug
Method:   Build
Garnish:   Whipped Cream (chocolate sprinkles if desired)
 Recipe:   1 ¼ oz. Whisky or Scotch, Coffee, Garnish.  (More of an after dinner drink)

Drink Name:  Dry Manhattan
Glass type:   Cocktail
Method:    Stir
Garnish:  Cherry
 Recipe  :1 ¼ oz. Rye, 1/8 oz. Dry Vermouth , Garnish.

Drink Name:  Electric Popsicle
Glass type:   Shooter
Method:   Shake
Garnish:   N/A (No time)
 Recipe:  1/3 Each Vodka, Parfait Amour, Creme De Banane, Dash of Lime Juice.

Drink Name:  Flying Cow
Glass type:   Champagne
Method:    Shake
Garnish:    Pineapple Slice
 Recipe:   1 oz. Brandy, ½ oz Apricot Brandy, 2 oz. Pina Colada, Garnish

Drink Name:   Godfather
Glass type:   Rock
Method:    Build
Garnish:    N/A
 Recipe:    Ice to loosely fill the glass, 1 ¼oz. Scotch, ¼oz. Amaretto.

Drink Name:   Jelly Bean
Glass type:   Shooter
Method:    Layer
Garnish:    Can be Flamed. (Yes, you light the drink on fire if desired)
 Recipe:   1/3oz. Grenadine, 1/3oz. Anisette, 1/2oz. Tequila

Drink Name:  Banana Split
Glass type:    Champagne
Method:     Combine
Garnish:     Cherry
 Recipe:    1 ½ oz. Swiss chocolate Almond, ½ oz. Creme De banana, 3oz. Cream. Combine in blender with ice cubes.  Garnish. (May substitute ice cream for cream)

Drink Name:  Whisky Sour
Glass type:   Sour
Method:    Shake
Garnish:    Cherry.
 Recipe:    1 oz. Canadian whisky, 2 oz. lemon juice, Garnish. (Any desired liquor may be substituted
EX. Scotch Sour)

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